Women's Retreat

An Event for Women

Highland Lakes Camp | Spicewood, TX

March 22-23, 2024

What is Women's Retreat?

Weekend Retreat for all Women

This weekend retreat will refresh your heart and mind in the promise of God’s Word. Culture is attacking from every side and feelings of anxiety seem constant. Women, we need each other! This retreat will equip you with practical ideas for how to be intentional in your context from a community of women who are in the trenches with you. Join us as we connect to Jesus Christ, and learn how to better walk by faith and not by sight.

Retreat Speaker

Emma Mae MCDaniel

We all long to be confident and know where our worth is found. To satisfy this longing, we look to people’s opinions, a new romance, or our own successes, and yet, we still find ourselves insecure and discontent. We find ourselves in this place because if our confidence is in these things, then when they let us down, our confidence goes down with them. When people don’t like us, there goes our confidence. When the romance disappoints, our contentment fades. When we fail, our stability is shaken.

Emma Mae has discovered the freedom and confidence and joy that comes from walking in a genuine relationship with God and submitting to His Word. Through experiencing intense bullying and immense praise, she has found that what God says of her is what keeps her steady when the opinions of people are unsteady. Even though it has attracted mockery from many, she has learned to be unashamed of the joy of the Lord because she knows it is the Spirit of God within her. She has found that whatever her circumstance, she can be content because joy is found in the presence of God – not in a certain circumstance. From personally experiencing life-change through knowing God, she is passionate about seeing others experience this life-change too. Her mission is to help people know God, equip them with His Word, and disciple them to live a life compelled by His love.

She is a speaker, social media influencer, podcast host, and author. Traveling to speak God’s Word excites her to the core and she stewards her social media platform to reach and encourage people all over the globe. The “Have You Heard?” podcast, with over 5 million listens, releases an episode weekly where Emma Mae creates a space to help people hear God’s Word and grow in their faith. Her books, “Be Loved”, “All-Caps You”, and “You Are”, were written with the purpose of equipping young women to live the life they were made for through genuinely knowing the God who made them.

Retreat Worship

Ginny Owens

Ginny Owens has spent the past two decades sharing her heart with listeners and readers as a  singer/songwriter, author, teacher, and advocate. Her unique musical style and inspirational  lyrics have transcended genre definition and taken her to diverse venues that include the White  House, the Sundance Film Festival, Lilith Fair and the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C.  Ginny has also been an adjunct professor at her alma mater, Belmont University, served as a  worship leader, partnered with non-profits, and authored two books.  

As a toddler, Ginny picked out melodies on the piano before she was able to put words together  in a sentence. Even as vision left her eyes — a degenerative eye condition left Ginny completely  blind by age three — songs began to emerge from her fingertips, providing a window into the  world she could not see.  

Cementing her place in the music scene in 2000, when she was named the Gospel Music  Association’s New Artist of the Year, the multi-award-winning singer/songwriter has recorded  more than ten albums, garnering critical success and chart-topping radio singles and streaming  hits, such as “If You Want Me To,” “Free,” “Stand With Me” (feat. Resound), and “Echo.” Ginny  has composed for such artists as Michael Card, Michael W. Smith, JJ Heller, and Rachael Lampa.  “Fly Away,” a song she co-wrote with David Das for the independent film Trafficked, made the  short list to be considered for the 2018 Academy Awards ballot (Best Original Song in a Motion  Picture). Her recent set of EPs, entitled Expressions I and II (November, 2020; February, 2021),  have amassed millions of streams. And in May, 2021, Ginny released her first EP of modern  hymns and praise songs, Sing Hope in the Darkness.  

Not all Ginny’s words are set to music. Her first solo-authored book, Singing in the Dark: Finding  Hope in the Songs of Scripture (David C. Cook, 2021), released on May 1st. By sharing her  personal story, as well as stories from Scripture, Ginny takes readers on a journey to find hope  amidst their own challenges.  

May 1st was also the release date for Faithful, an all-female artist and author book and album  collaboration, which, in addition to Ginny, includes such women as Amy Grant, Ann Voskamp,  Trillia Newbell, Ellie Holcomb, and Christy Nockels. Ginny contributed a chapter to the book, and  co-wrote multiple songs on the album.  

Ginny’s previous books include Love Be the Loudest: Hearing God’s Voice Above the Noise, a  fourteen-day devotional (2017), and Transcending Mysteries (Harper Collins, 2015), co-authored  with Andrew Greer. 

Ginny also hosts a popular video blog entitled, “How I See It.” In it, she offers viewers a look at  the ins-and-outs of daily life as a blind person. In November 2016, Ginny launched the Love Be 

the Loudest campaign, an initiative that donates a portion of her album sales to non-profit  organizations dedicated to bringing hope to the world. 

Born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi, Ginny moved to Nashville, Tennessee to attend Belmont  University, and made her home in Music City for many years. She now lives in New York City,  where she is in her final year of seminary for a Master of Biblical Studies.

Retreat Breakout Speaker
Angela Sanders

Angela Sanders is a Christian resource creator who works to encourage believers and equip the Church through writing, speaking, and ministry coaching.

Although she prefers the page to the stage, God has called her to both, so she treasures every opportunity she is  given to proclaim His truth and help others find the freedom, peace, and purpose she is found by grace through faith in Jesus.  

Angela feels she has the profound privilege to pass along what she has learned over the past 30+ years in ministry via traditional training and professional coaching opportunities. 

More information about Angela & the books she has written can be found on her website.


Retreat Breakout Speaker
Kathy Howard

Kathy Howard is a treasure hunter. She hunts for the creamiest chocolate and richest coffee. She searches for cherished stories of faith that still impact hearts. And, she digs deep into God’s Word, mining His eternal truths for herself and to share with others. With more than 30 years of experience, Kathy has taught in dozens of states, internationally, and in a wide range of venues including multi-church conferences and large online events. She has a Masters of Christian Education and a certificate in Women’s Ministry from the Canadian Southern Baptist Seminary. Kathy is the author of 12 books, including five Bible studies, the “Deep Rooteddevotional series, and Heirloom: Living and Leaving a Legacy of Faith.” She also serves on the LifeWay Women’s Ministry Training Team. Kathy and her husband live in the Dallas/Ft Worth area near family. They have three married children and six grandchildren.


Tentative Schedule

What to expect


4:30 pm | Check In Begins

5:30 pm | Dinner

7:00 pm | Session One

8:30 pm | Church Group Time

9:00 pm | Fellowship


8:00 am | Breakfast

9:00 am | Session Two

10:30 am | Breakouts 

11:30 am | Lunch

1:00 pm | Breakouts

2:00 pm | Free Time

3:00 pm |  Session Three

4:30 pm | Dismiss

Event Packages

Price Per Person

Option 1: $95 – Friday only (No lodging)

Option 2: $95 – Saturday only (No lodging)

Option 3: $130 – Friday & Saturday (No lodging)

Option 4: $165 – Friday & Saturday with bunkhouse lodging

Option 5: $170 – Friday & Saturday with motel lodging (Triple occupancy)

Option 6: $175 – Friday & Saturday with motel lodging (Double occupancy)

Option 7: $195 – Friday & Saturday with motel lodging (Single occupancy)