Low Ropes
Challenge Course

What is the low ropes challenge course

We have a large Low Challenge Course here at Highland Lakes. It is aptly named as each activity will challenge participants to work together and communicate well in order to solve different problems. Each group could learn something different at each challenge as the lessons come from what the group chooses to do and how. Facilitators will be giving instructions, observing, and questioning participants during and after the activity to help them reflect and get the most out of each challenge. Safety is our #1 priority so facilitators will make sure every activity we do is done in the safest manner possible. This list describes each element/course in our challenge course as well as a few other non-academic options that we offer.

Bomb Diffuser

Bomb Diffuser– participants will have to work in tandem and use ropes to hook the “bombs” and get them to the safe location before  they “explode”!


Cave– participants must rely on their senses to move around the “cave” blindfolded in search of the key to get out.


Entrapment– Relying on themselves and/or a partner, participants will try to make it through a maze of ropes that really trick your brain without touching them


Islands– Here there is a field of mini “islands” that the group will have to navigate through with only a few boards and without touching the ground. There is only one right way through! (Not recommended for grades below 7th)


Hexapod participants will get a chance to challenge themselves on our three level high ropes course! This ropes course uses a self belay system and has more than 20 different obstacles to go through.


Maypole– Blindfolded, participants must work together to untangle the ropes around the maypole.

Mohawk Walk

Mohawk Walk – Using only each other and the trees for support, participants must make their way through a series of cables without touching the ground. (Not recommended for grades below 8th)

Mountain Tops

Mountaintops – participants will be “stuck” on one platform and have to figure out how to get across a series of other platforms to the final destination with only two boards.

Nitro Crossing

Nitro-Crossing– participants will make a plan and swing like Tarzan across the “Nitro River”


Porthole– Imagine you are on a sinking ship and the only way out is to climb through the window! participants will have to work together to figure out how to get each other through the Porthole that is about 6 feet off the ground.


Spiderweb – participants will have to figure out a way to get everyone through the “spiderweb” without touching it and only using each hole one time.

Tp Shuffle

TP Shuffle – TP is short for Totem Pole. participants will be standing on a log and have to figure out how to arrange themselves according to the facilitators instructions.

Triangle Traverse Wild Woozy

Triangle Traverse/Wild Woozy – participants will learn to support and rely on each other as they make their way across the cables.

Whale Watch

Whale Watch – participants will figure out how to get on a rocking platform and keep it balanced with everyone on.

Indoor Challenge

Indoor Challenge – participants will work together to complete a series of challenges inside in the air conditioning!

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